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Niagara Commercial Market Insights

The Region of Niagara is a regional municipality comprising twelve municipalities.

The municipalities of Niagara offer unique landscapes and thriving communities. The communities work together, striving for success as a whole. The Region invests in major projects for growth and development, attracting investors and businesses to the area. The industrial composition of the region varies based on the community, with manufacturing and agriculture being the prime economic drivers of the area.

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St. Catharines

St. Catharines is the largest community located within the Region of Niagara. The city is readily accessible by highway to the major urban markets within Ontario and western New York. St. Catharines enjoys a unique combination of industrial and commercial industries within an established agricultural base.

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Niagara Falls

The City of Niagara Falls is located between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, bordering Niagara Falls, New York. The city’s location means that 120 million consumers are within one day’s drive. Niagara Falls operates as a predominantly “tourist” area, with the bulk of the population employed within the hospitality industry.

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A town with a distinguished history, Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) is situated at the mouth of the Niagara River, offering easy access to other communities within the Niagara Region. It also provides access to the United States at Lewiston through the Lewiston Bridge and due to its proximity to Niagara Falls and Fort Erie, both the Rainbow Bridge and Peace Bridge respectively.

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Fort Erie

The Town of Fort Erie is situated in the southern region of the Niagara Peninsula. It is bordered by Niagara Falls to the north and the City of Buffalo is located on the opposite side of the river. The town is the fourth largest municipality in the Region of Niagara. Fort Erie is served by most modes of transportation.

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