A new solution for the Canadian Motor Speedway

Back in February, I addressed the current state of the Canadian Motor Speedway (CMS). The timing was perfect because on Monday March 9, 2015 there was a exciting update in the project. As I previously mentioned, the largest delay in the process has been establishing infrastructures and deciding you would be footing the bill. The solution to the issue of Bowen Road and the QEW may finally have been found.


A push to the Region of Niagara

The success of the Canadian Motor Speedway project remains a priority for the Fort Erie Council and on Monday March 9, 2015, the project was endorsed by councillors. This endorsement recognizes the $15 million investment made to date on the pre-development of the speedway. It also calls for the Region of Niagara to reconsider the Canadian Motor Speedway as a priority in the Gateway Economic Zone and the Centre Community Improvement Plan program. This will allow for tax incentives for the CMS for 10 years.


Creating a solution to the major delay

The Canadian Motor Speedway has the potential to become an economic driver for the Town of Fort Erie. With the establishment of the corporate office in Fort Erie in November 2014, the CMS development has had a permanent presence in Fort Erie and has led to the developers formalizing a strategic plan with the town. Azhar Mohammad, the speedway’s executive director, has taken the issue of Bowen Road and the QEW head on. The MTO wants a four-lane interchange with an estimated cost of $38 million. However, Mohammad insists that a two-lane overpass is sufficient. A third party has been hired to study traffic along the interchange to determine if a two-lane overpass is sufficient to manage future traffic.


As I’ve said before, this development will continue to be an interesting one to keep an eye on- now more so than ever as it’s back in the news and moving forward.

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