Market Statistics

Population: 82, 184

Median Household Income: 61, 111.00

Close proximity to the U.S. border.

Approximately 12 million people visit Niagara Falls per year.

GO Transit available to the city.

Close proximity to three major international airports: Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo.

About the Niagara Falls Market

The City of Niagara Falls is located between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, bordering Niagara Falls, New York. Due to the proximity to the border, many people who commute across the border both ways travel through the area. The city’s location also means that 120 million consumers are within one day’s drive, from both within Ontario and across the border. With the strength of the US dollar currently, the city of Niagara Falls is seeing an increase in traffic over the border.

Niagara Falls also operates as a predominantly tourist area. The tourism industry is a major economic driver for the city. According to Niagara Falls Tourism, the city saw 12 million visitors in 2016 alone. As a result of the serious demand for hospitality that tourists bring, the bulk of the population of the city is employed within the hospitality industry. This demand is only expected to grow with time.

Niagara Falls has a significant amount of land, which will continue to be an economic driver for the area. Much of this land is scouted to be developed as new residential dwellings. There are different zoning opportunities for different vacant land areas within the city. The city also has a significant amount of industrial and commercial properties available for redevelopment.

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