Investment potential along Welland’s recreational waterway

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In 2008, with a master plan in place, the City of Welland began marketing over 500 acres of land along Welland’s Recreational Waterway for redevelopment. The plan calls for a transformation of the waterway with a combination of recreational, commercial and residential developments. Much of the land available for redevelopment requires remediation as a result of years of heavy industrial use. Some of the land has been picked up for redevelopment however, key parcels remain up for sale.

Welland’s plan for waterfront rejuvenation

The Welland Recreational Canal Corporation (WRCC), developed its master plan in 2006 in order to guide the planning and development of lands along the waterway. The master plan outlines conceptual planning framework for each section of the waterway, determines proper zoning uses and includes recommendations for development. The goal of the plan is to transform the health and quality of the lands along the waterway, promote residential and commercial development and foster a strong recreational culture. Though many strides have been taken over the past 7 years to improve the recreational infrastructure along the canal much of the land remains undeveloped, despite the wealth of incentives provided through the city’s CIP.

Waterfront investment incentives

Guiding principles under the Waterway rejuvenation plan include a clean, green and useable land space. Due to the previous heavy industrial and commercial shipping activities 200+ acres of the land adjacent to the waterway require remediation.  To encourage investment and remediation of these lands, the City of Welland offers four incentives through their Brownfield Community Improvement plan.

1. Environmental Site Assessment Grant (ESA) Program

2. Brownfield Tax Assistance Program

3. Brownfield Rehabilitation Grant Program

4. Planning and Building Permit Fees Refund Program

Notable investments along Welland’s waterway

Taris on the Water Restaurant – This property opened in March of 2015 on the former site of the Bridge Pub at the corner of West Main and Division Street. The owners invested $1 million in order to redevelop the building. Across the street a former dental building has begun renovations and will be re-purposed for retail space with residential units on the top floors.

Welland Recreational Waterway Trail –  Earlier this year the trail received $22,8000 from the National Trails Infrastructure Program for further development of the trail which currently spans 20 km along the waterway.

Welland International Flatwater Centre – Completed in 2013, the $10 million dollar facility supports the WRCC master plan for increased recreational activity along the waterway. The Flatwater Centre will be home to canoeing events during this summers Pan AM Games.

The City of Welland is invested in transforming the quality of land along their waterways to improve both the quality of life and economic viability of the area. The city currently has more serviced industrial land available for development than any other municipality in the region. For more information on parcels of land for sale along the Welland River and the Welland recreational waterway connect with me today. Click here for a residential opportunity and here for commercial.

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