Region of Halton- Market Insights

Market Statistics


Oakville: 184,150

Halton Hills: 56,809

Milton: 84,362

Burlington: 174,432

Median Household Income

Oakville: $142,490

Halton Hills: $112,690

Milton: $106,743

Burlington: $105,503

About the Market

Ideally located at the western edge of the Greater Toronto Area, the Region of Halton has seen significant business growth in the last few years. The Halton Region is comprised of Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville and offers a range of industry services and excellent access to Toronto. It’s growing population has strengthened its economic growth and has resulted in significant growth in the region’s industrial and commercial sector.

The Region of Halton’s industrial market has been on a strong recovery since the economic recession. Both the industrial and commercial values of the area have been steadily growing since 2009. Development has predominantly been localised in the Burlington, Milton and Oakville communities, however their significant growth has also had a positive effect on the smaller community of Halton Hills in the last few years. Several large scale industrial developments have recently been completed in the Halton Hills area, specifically in the Gateway Business Park, which has prime access to Toronto and other major urban markets. There continue to be large scale commercial developments in the region, specifically in Oakville.

The Region is very focused on support growth in the area and have focused on the redistribution of employment lands in order to meet the region’s growth forecast. They offer competitively priced employment land and development charges, especially given their proximity to a prime Canadian and American market.