Market Insights and Statistics

Population: 131, 400

Median Household Income: $63,759.00

Centrally located in Niagara Region, providing easy access to Toronto and western New York.

Close proximity to three major international airports: Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo.

City & private sector commitment with $1.058 billion in new/improved infrastructure.

About the Market Insights

The City of St. Catharines is the largest community located within the Region of Niagara. The city is readily accessible by highway to the major urban markets within Ontario, such as the Greater Toronto Area, as well as easy access to the border crossings and western New York.

In recent years there has been a number of residential developments in many different phases, from proposal to completion. One notable development is the proposal to turn the previous GM parking lot into a residential community. As well as residential developments, St. Catharines has seen a significant amount of commercial and industrial growth.

St. Catharines enjoys a unique combination of industrial and commercial industries within an established agricultural base. The development in St. Catharines represents a large portion of economic development in the region. 2016 and 2017 have seen a significant amount of development within the downtown core of the city. The revitalization efforts for downtown have spread from the heart of the downtown core eastward to Queenston St.

As the epicentre of Niagara, the City of St. Catharines offers distinct advantages to businesses and developers. There are a number of different industries that call St. Catharines home, and there is ample room for development within the municipality. To view listings within the City of St. Catharines, click here.