commercial redevelopment

Brownfield redevelopment opportunities in Niagara Falls

Image courtesy of the City of Niagara Falls Community Improvement Plans (CIP) provide a variety of financial incentive programs to encourage redevelopment in key areas. As part of an ongoing series, I will be assessing the CIPs of specific areas within the Greater Horseshoe. Today, I will be focusing on Brownfield sites in Niagara Falls.  Niagara Falls has a unique story in relation to...

Transforming downtown Hamilton with redevelopment

Image rendering of Core Urban Inc. proposed redevelopment, courtesy of In order to attract new residential and commercial tenants in downtown Hamilton, ON, significant redevelopment needs to continue. The opportunities are there and many areas have beautiful historic buildings that are being under-utilized. One noteworthy possibility for redevelopment is the James Street North alley, located...

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